Does having ihtilam require ghusl?

Refiüd Derecat 

لا اله الا الله
İlimler Meclisi Kurucu
20 Tem 2023
If a person experiences nocturnal emission but does not see or feel wetness on their clothes or body when they wake up from sleep, they do not need to perform ritual ablution (ghusl). On the contrary, if they do not remember having a dream but find wetness on their clothes or body upon waking up, then ** is obligatory for them to perform ritual ablution.

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrates: "The Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked about a person who finds wetness on their clothes after waking up from sleep but does not remember having experienced nocturnal emission. He answered: 'Yes, they must perform ritual ablution!' Then he was asked about the situation of a person who remembers having experienced nocturnal emission but does not notice the wetness, to which he replied: 'They are not required to perform ritual ablution.' Um Sulaym asked: 'And if this happens to a woman, is she required to perform ritual ablution?' He replied: 'Yes! Women are like men.'"

Aisha also narrates: "Um Sulaym asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about a woman who dreams the same as a man does. He answered: 'Yes, if she notices the wetness.'" Therefore, ** is obligatory for women, like men, to perform ritual ablution if they see wetness on their clothes after experiencing nocturnal emission.